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Our Flavors



Rich milk chocolate ice cream with chunks of Southern, made-from-scratch brownies will leave you wanting for more.

Chocolate Brownie


Freshly roasted and ground coffee from local DC roaster Lost Sock Roasters give this coffee ice cream a rich but refreshing taste. Unlike other coffee ice cream, it isn’t bitter, and you can taste the unique Colombian coffee notes in each scoop.

Cold Brew Coffee


You don’t need to be from our neighbor to the north to enjoy this classic pairing. Rich maple-infused vanilla ice cream with bits of chocolate and toffee make this flavor the perfect treat for all ages.

Maple Toffee (Seasonal)


An old school favorite, generous large chunks of Oreo Cookies in our signature rich vanilla custard base.

Cookies & Cream


Rich mint ice cream with chocolate flakes makes this the perfect companion on a hot summer day. And like all our ice cream, there is no artificial coloring - so it isn’t neon green.

Mint Chocolate Chunk


Smooth vanilla ice cream made with brown sugar makes this Southern-inspired flavor the perfect pairing for pie and fresh fruit.

Brown Sugar Vanilla


You’ll be left saying “I can’t believe it’s not ice cream” after you give this vegan gelato a taste. The rich but subtle coconut base with generous chunks of dark chocolate will leave you wanting for more.

Coconut with dark chocolate


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