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Founded by Brianna “Bri” McCullough in 2017 and based at Tastemakers in Brookland, DC, Bri’s Brookland Creamery brings together the finest small batch traditional ice cream, Southern hospitality and unique DC flavors.

Bri started making ice cream the old-fashioned way, in a bucket with layers of ice and rock salt. She experimented with different recipes she found before producing her own original recipes to share with friends and family. After nearly a decade of churning homemade ice cream, she got serious about bringing her ice cream creations to the masses in the summer of 2017.

But Bri’s ice cream story starts nearly 100 years earlier on her family’s rural Tennessee farm where she spent most of her early life. For over a century, generations of her family have raised small herds of cattle on the farm for dairy and beef. Adhering to principles of sustainability and local food production well before it was in vogue, they prided themselves on doing things the way they’d been done for generations before the advent of factory farms. While that hasn’t always been easy, the tradition continues to this day, led by her grandfather Bob McCullough and supported by numerous members of her family. 

Bri’s Brookland Creamery is an extension of that tradition--believing that good ice cream requires a slow deliberate process with the highest quality ingredients, and that if you compromise on either, it’ll show in the final product.

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